Celine Gaurier-Joubert - Master Concert Pianist

Celine Gaurier Joubert teaching

Celine Gaurier-Joubert loves playing the piano!

Under the tutelage of master pianist Edson Elias, Celine received a formidable piano education.

She remembers Edson for his amazing ability to help each individual student in the conservator blossom in their piano playing!

He was a selfless man who always found a way to bring the best out of all of his students!

During her private lessons with Edson, he would often sing at the piano and Celine would take in the melody and imitate his voice on the piano!

It was during those intense sessions with Edson that Celine discovered that vocal qualities of the piano!

In Celine's own words: "I was truly privileged to have discovered Edson Elias! He meant the world to me! He opened up the secrets of the piano to me and gave me the keys to knowledge that very few masters possess... I CANNOT THANK HIM ENOUGH for what he has done for me!

Edson Elias giving a breathtaking performance of Prokofieff Sonata n° 7, op. 83